Dumaguete Dance Bar Investment

Looking for Investors

A Dumaguete Dance bar investment that is run properly and caters to the growing affluent demographics of this booming city as well as to the heavy influx of the tourism trade, will be a winner. A common complaint that is voiced by both those groups is that there is far to little choice for a night out on the town dancing in a trendy environment to the latest tunes. With the rumored upcoming closure  of the one true dance club which has been the mainstay of the Dumaguete nightclub scene, this leaves the door wide open to possibilities. Well two well seasoned intelligent professionals have decided to fill that need and capitalize on  a pent up and still growing demand as Dumaguete expands exponentially. A location has been chosen and secured and construction is slated to get underway within the next few weeks in time for CLUB REVIVE  

Additional Plans, projections and specifications available on request.

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