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Any real estate bought at or below market values is usually a good investment, however if you can add income generating revenue to the equation the net result is usually well above average return on investment. nike air max tavas With rental properties one of the key determining factor to these high ROI’s is vacancy rates. nike air max 1 You just don’t have to have a business degree to understand the logic that the lower the vacancy rate, the higher the revenues and subsequently the higher the returns. moncler pas cher When looking for investment properties, it is important to research carefully the market in which you will be investing. soldes puma chaussure In the case of Dumaguete City, its elevation to prominence on the world stage after being singled out by both Forbes Magazine and Yahoo as one of the top 5 places in the world to retire to, the effect has been dramatic. For years the rental market was stagnant, as the main population influx was seasonal and reflected in the vacancy rates. Timberland Pas Cher During the months of approximately December to April “snowbirds” flocked to the city for temporary stays in warmer climates and at that time it vacancy rates were in the low single digits. However for the remainder of the year it was a tenants market and the rental unit choices abundant. With landlords looking at vacancy rates in the 20-30% for six months of the year, there was little incentive for investors to build new units. With the explosion in popularity of Dumaguete City and surrounding Negros as a retirement destination, the fundamentals of a rental income generating property in the area have changed considerably. Currently, even though we are in what has usually been considerred the slow season, there is a vast shortage of rental units available. Though anything resembling accurate statistics in the Philippines is difficult to obtain, with my wife being in the real estate business, the anecdotel evidence is hard to ignore. On average she will receive upwards of 10-15 concrete inquiries per week and 95% of those she is not able to satisfy. Simply put, the availability of western standard rental units in an afforadable price range is virtually non-existent. timberland soldes As it looks like there will be little slowdown in the exodus to Dumaguete City, the question now becomes, is it a good time and place to be in the rental unit business and the resounding answer is, not a doubt! To those of you who would like to explore this investment option, we can suggest an immediate entry by purchasing an established income property such as those listed below. bottes timberland For others, a second option will be the purchase of a land and the development to custom specifications of a rental units. For those, please feel free to visit our Construction and Development website at NEGROS CONSTRUCTION.COM where we can help you from feasibility study, to design and construction and ultimately rental of your units to responsible tenants.


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This turnkey operation is one of the premiere restaurants in downtown Dumaguete City. bottes ugg pas cher soldes puma chaussures puma chaussure 2018 asics chaussures Chaussures Homme Asics Doudoune Canada Goose nike huarache Parka Canada Goose ugg enfant canada goose pas cher It has been in operation for 2 years and currently runs at a profit with stable monthly revenue on operations . asics en ligne nike hypervenom ugg france ugg soldes 2018 ugg australia pas cher asics sneakers bottes timberland moncler pas cher doudoune canada goose acheter newbalance If you have always dreamed of running your own restaurant, nike pas cher chaussures puma pas cher Parka Canada Goose nike hypervenom nike air huarache avis nike air max 95 timberland femme this is your chance to walk into an already successful venture. acheter newbalance en ligne Soldes Timberland nike air max tavas nike air max 2015 canada goose pas cher Timberland FR chaussures puma 2018 pas cher Canada Goose Femme nike internationalist nike air presto Just add a few of your own touches and watch your business grow! The restaurant is well branded but should you want to purchase it without the name brand, doudoune canada goose air max 1 og New Balance Homme air max 90 femme nike tn pas cher homme canada goose Timberland Homme the owner would be open to that option for a reduced price. soldes air max pas cher air max 90 femme nike air huarache avis timberland sitemap moncler soldes asics sneakers 2018 new balance sitemap Timberland Femme Pas Cher ugg pas cher femme puma chaussure 2018 With motivated ownership revenue could be increased 50% and provide an owner operator a great semi retirement income in a business that will be your passion to operate.