Boutique Resort for sale

Oceanview in suburb north of Dumaguete City

  Oceanview boutique resort for sale with access to beach. this property consists of 2 separate buildings surrounding a pool and lounge area. Currently has 5 high end rental rooms with living quarters for owner/manager. nike flyknit lunar Current owner has not been managing the property to its full potential but is still breaking even. With proper marketing, the prospective purchaser will clearly be able to achieve a very solid Return on Investment. asics prix • swimming pool • terrace • 5 rental rooms with en suite private washrooms • common areas with fridges for each room , sound system and library • outdoor lounge areas • garages • complete basement ready for construction of additional rental rooms • fully furnished

Owner will pay for all costs associated with transfer of Corporation that holds title to this property

boutique resort for sale boutique resort for sale boutique resort for sale boutique resort for sale BASIC OVERVIEW OF BUSINESS PLAN FOR CASA MARGHARITA BOUTIQUE RESORT EXISTING CONDITIONS The existing resort is a two story concrete structure built to high European standards. The First floor consists of two separate structures which are finished to the same standards and configured to provide six rental suites, each with their own washroom with shower. In each structure there is a sitting area/salon and in one there is a complete kitchen. The second structure does not have a kitchen but has separate securable refrigerators for use of occupants of each room. ugg pas cher femme There is a pool and hot tub between the two units and a large common terrace area. Canada Goose Soldes All rooms and common areas are furnished with high quality pieces. The ground floor area encompasses the footprint of the whole first floor but is currently not finished nor in use. It appears all electrical and plumbing has been roughed-in for future development. The present owner does not appear to be operating the property to its full potential as a resort, instead occupying the premises himself and accepting guests as and when they show up. Any guests that do show up are most likely the result of marketing done by the previous lessee of the property. My understanding is that the previous lessee of the resort were in place for approximately two years and though I have no factual data, from anecdotal accounts , and my own personal observance during their management, that the resort was nearly always full and had a good reputation in a high end niche market. It is my belief that they ran a good business, making a decent profit but I have heard from my sources that several months ago they decided to purchase property and build their own resort in the area. This is only hearsay and I cannot confirm its truth. I have done a quick analysis of the financial potential of this property as it stands and have provided the following spreadsheets Please note : • these projections are based on 60% occupancy rate which has to be the standard maintained by a well managed resort • these projected occupancy rates would probably take 6 months to a year to be attained and rely heavily on the implementation of a well structured and executed marketing strategy • as in every business, tight control of operating and overhead cost would need to be maintained SECONDARY CONSIDERATIONS Though with proper management I believe this property as is, could produce a nice yearly profit and Return on Investment, I also feel that there is a very attractive opportunity here that should be considered. Being in the real estate industry and very cognizant of the emerging market trends in the Dumaguete City are, we have seen that there is a huge demand develop for luxury, western standard rental units as more and more foreigners move into this vicinity. timberland femme pas cher Quite honestly, demand far outpaces supply and we do not see any relief in sight for the next decade as Dumaguete increasingly becomes one of the premiere destinations for settling Ex-pats. With this property having a very large unfinished floor space on the ground floor, there is an option here to partition and construct approximately 4-5 one or two bedroom rental suites. The market rate for such units would be 18,000 to 30,000 php/month each and could be leased monthly for mid and long terms. There would be several benefits • an increase in rental revenue with very little increase in overhead expenses. asics pas cher The resort would already be running and fully staffed. • increase in secondary services income such as tour commission, transport, and food/beverage sales • a steady income to provide revenue through the seasonal and weather related downturns inherent of the tourism sector See below for revised projections CONCLUSION This property does possess potential to be a solid money earner and provide ROI (return on investment) on par or above the industry standard. To be clear though, these financial projections are of course dependent on proper management of the property and ongoing operations.Should you decide to proceed with this investment, We at WPG Philcan Corp do have the expertise to help you in many ways beyond the initial purchase and would be happy to work with you to maximize your returns.

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