Dumaguete and surrounding Negros is growing exponentially and there is no end in sight. With this demand there comes a huge appetite for western designed and standard rental units, which is not being met. The current market, which should continue for the forseable future is definitely tilted toward landlords and those that have good rental stock are looking at continuing occupancy rates of 100%. Though this should ease several years down the road as new stock comes online, someone who owns rental property right now will have a head start.


This Bacong Income Property consists of two 2-duplex structures on a 1294 sqm well landscaped lot complete with pool. Though the current owner charges only 20,000 per month in rental, he has boasted 95% occupancy rate from the time of finished construction and there would be space to raise those rates upwards to 25 thousand pesos per month per unit. Its building are very well designed and constructed and will require very little continued maintenance for the decade to come. At the asking price of just under 12.5 million pesos, your projected Return on Investment, including property appreciation, should be a good stable 10%.

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  • swimming pool
  • fully furnished
  • air conditioned
  • second floor terraces
  • full kitchen
  • price – 12,469,000 php

estimated rental income – 20,000 php/month per unit

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