Real Estate Development Investment

Projected Return of 32% annually over the first 5 years

Real Estate development investment into the Philippines market is a case of being in the right place at the right time. With the Philippines economy booming and all the economic fundamentals lined up to ensure long term impressive growth, very few other places in the world can provide investors with the potential for such high returns on investment. Dumaguete City in particulars leads the way with low land prices and construction costs, undersupply of inventories and lack of effective competition. Due to its high ranking of places to retire to by two international well respected publications in 2014, demand has been overwhelming for well designed and constructed , yet affordable, residential units. It is now typical that a well managed housing development can earn in excess of 30% annual ROI.

PhilX is now ready to lead the way and offer investors entry into this lucrative market. Having firmly established itself as the leading Real Estate Marketing Company in the Dumaguete City area, Philx has further capitalized on its astute business management skills as a team and developed a booming construction and development management business. We have grown quickly and have now added a full in house design team to be able to offer creative and functional designs with a quick turn around to clients. Currently, management of 3 projects is ongoing and  contracts are in the pipeline for the next three years. With their position as the leading Real Estate professionals in the Dumaguete City area, they have first chance at some of the best real estate deals on the market, as well as detailed knowledge of end user appeal and sale-ability of end user product.

PhilX Support Services Corp has now made the decision to spin off their Construction division into an independent entity focusing on the Real Estate Development of in house property assets as well as continuing their profitable Construction Management operations. To that end the Company will be raising capital with a mixture of equity and mid term debt, secured with property assets purchased. It is now your chance to become part of the PhilX family, which has provided its initial core of investors 30%plus annual return after only 1 year in operations.

For more information on PhilX Support Service’s Construction Management Division, please visit

Real Estate Development Investment

Investment Package Details

Focus of Activities – Purchase of undervalued properties and development of simple sub-divisions

Capital to be raised – 500,000 USD

Investment Blocks – 10 @ 50,000 USD each


50% of investment to be Equity Portion converted into share value of 3% of Corporation per investment block

50% of investment to be considered mid term Debt paid out over 3 1/2 years beginning 18 months after date of initial investment and earning a 12% return per annum.

Projected Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Dividends=5,000 USD/year on 25,000 USD Investment = 20% (beginning after 2nd complete year of operations)
  • Interest on Loan Portion – 12%

Total ROI(projected) – 32% per annum

Protection For Investors

All Investors will be protected with title annotations of purchased real property

Complete Investor packages for serious investors can be obtained by request to




can foreigners make money in the philippines

Can Foreigners Make Money in the Philippines

Ask the Chinese !!

can foreigners make money in the philippinescan foreigners make money in the philippines

There are a lot of naysayers to the question, can foreigners make money in the Philippines, but to those I ask , what about the Chinese? Are they not foreigners too?

A simple look at the who’s who of wealthy businessmen today in the Philippines will yield more than a handful of prominent men and women who are of Chinese descent and risen to the top of the ranks in the Philippines business world.

The prime example is Henry Sy, head of the SM group of companies that is also listed as one of the worlds richest men. He started his empire from next to nothing and through hard work and intelligence has gained a pinnacle of success in this country that is extraordinary. He is hardly alone. Walking in his footsteps are Chinese Filipinos (Chinoys) Taipens such as Lucio Tan  (Philipines Airlines, Philippine National Bank, fortune Tobacco and Tanduay Distilleries), Andrew Tan, (Megaworld Corp and Consolidated Distilleries), John Gokongwie (Robinson’s, Summit Media and Cebu Pacific), and Tony Tan Caktiong, (Jollibee). These examples are but just a few on the national level, then if you look around on your local scenes, I am sure that just like here in Dumaguete City, the shining examples of business success are most likely predominantly of Chinese origin.

Recognizing that the business world of the Philippines is populated by a staggering number of Chinese, us western businessmen and entrepreneurs have to ask the questions, what makes them so different? To be honest I do not know the answer to that question, but as an aspiring businessman of the Philippines myself, I am not content to sit by and complain. That will not get me anywhere, so instead I will study their paths  to try and get my own insights on what it takes to achieve business success here in this country.

Yes there are huge obstacles restricting foreigner’s in business in the Philippines, but if we dare to look, we will regognize that success here is far from impossible. Just ask the Chinese! They are a perfect example of how foreigners make money in the Philippines!

Some of the Chinese that have had amazing success in the Filipino business world :




entrepreneur in the philippines 3

Expats Making Money in the Philippines

If you are not a true Entrepreneur, Forget it

Many expats show up on the shores  of the over 7000 islands of the Philippines and in growing numbers there are those that try to make a living here. The vast majority of these people fail while a select few gain success beyond their wildest dreams. It is my personal opinion that what separates the winners from the losers boils down to one simple thing. Entrepreneurial spirit.

entrepreneur in the philippines 1

What makes an entrepreneur? I believe that the answer to that is attitude. An entrepreneur just looks at the world differently in many ways. He, or she, sees opportunity wherever they look. They see need for a product or service and ways to deliver them in a different innovative way that might leave their competition in the dust. They rarely are motivated simply by the promise of riches but instead  their main gauge of success will be that of developing an idea into a working and profitable model that they can be proud of. That the business they created can  ultimately be financially  successful beyond the normal persons wildest dreams is most often merely a very attractive by product. An Entrepreneur also is willing to put everything he has into a venture he believes in, whether that be time or money. He will never live by the constraints of the clock, punching in at 9 am and clocking out at 5 pm. His day is only done when there is no more work to be done, and the reality is,  there is always work to be done. Consequently an entrepreneur lives, eats and sleeps with thoughts of his business foremost on his mind until his venture reaches the point where a level of success is reached and the business is running smoothly and profitably. Then he MIGHT rest, lol.

An entrepreneur also needs to be independent. The simple fact is that when he comes up with an idea, there will be few that support him. There will be naysayers that either tried and failed themselves or are too scared to even risk their own finances and egos. The entrepreneur’s fiercely independent character will have to filter out these negative influence and usually move forward without the need for support from others whether it be financial or moral. Most important, the entrepreneur needs to be some one who focuses on solutions instead of excuses. He will most likely not have anybody to blame his failures on, and again the reality is that for the business to succeed, blame will not amount to success, only solutions will.

But why is this entrepreneurial spirit so necessary for financial success for Expats in the Philippines who chose to make a living here? Well, in this day and age the Philippines is a lot like the wild wild west once was. The opportunities are simply endless when it comes to business but so are the obstacles.

entrepreneur in the philippines

First off, getting a 9 to 5 job here is pointless. If you can get beyond the restrictive hiring policies that favor locals to foreigners, the fact that the minimal wages here make it virtually worthless to consider. In most cases the wages are simply subsistence, so why bother? Then if the decision is made to get into business, the bureaucratic hurdles will be a nightmare that will make even the most committed entrepreneur beg for mercy. Then when your doors are finally open,expect to have copycats set up shop three doors down on either side of the street, offering a similar product or service for less, regardless of whether they can make money doing it.

In the end, the hurdles a businessman will face here in the Philippines are so plentiful and so daunting that the only person that will succeed is a person who in true entrepreneurial spirit, will be able to not only recognize an opportunity but will have the attitude and hardheaded work ethic to demolish those obstacles decisively. to those that do have what it takes though, the reward at the end of the race tends to be a whole lot bigger than what you could expect in our mature business landscapes of western society.


Some good articles for the entrepreneur :

Do you have an idea about opening a business in the Philippines and want some help? contact us at




business directions

Small Business in the Philippines

Adapting to New Markets

It of course is only logical for any small business that one of the major keys to success is identifying, reaching and then serving members of your target market. If you are like me, and own or considering operating a small business in the Philippines, then odds are, again like me, you are probably just not that knowledgeable about this new market you are trying to make money in.

Personally, I have spent my whole business life in Canada and through years of experience have been able to get a grasp on who my potential customers are, how to reach them and properly service them so that my businesses could grow organically. At some point it became something that I took for granted. Now that in middle age I have decided to run a business in a completely foreign market, I have been rudely reminded how much I need to relearn and during that re-education I have had to be able to put my ego aside and humbly admit to myself that I am a rookie. Only then could I start to learn the new realities I am faced with and adapt to them in a way that will give me better odds of financial success.

A perfect example of this is a surprise I received when starting our now quite successful tour company here in Dumaguete City.

During the planning stages of our setup, I originally thought that the vast majority of our potential customers would be European or North American tourists who were in the mid income range. After a few months of struggling operation, I came to the conclusion that I had missed the boat and my projections about my target market were way off the mark. There were in fact very few middle income Western tourists visiting our shores. Quite honestly, during those first few months there were numerous times I lay awake in the middle of the night staring at the ceiling wondering whether I should pull the plug and move on. However one of my character traits , which I feel all small businessmen must possess, is the tenacity to not give up, so I instead admitted to myself my miscalculation and set upon the task of trying to identify alternative markets. Through a lot of research, and yes a fair sprinkling of plain luck, I discovered that the key markets I needed to focus on were completely different than what I originally envisioned. Instead of Westerners in the middle income range, I found that there was huge potential in three other segments. The Chinese, low income westerners on a backpacker’s budget and the Filipinos. Once identified, I changed several things. The tours we offered were restructured to include  low budget options, we hired some Chinese speaking tour guides, and we started to explore marketing channels to reach those three groups more effectively.

The results were staggering and today we have a very profitable small business that is growing by leaps and bounds.

In conclusion, I am of the opinion that one of the major keys in the small business world here in the Philippines is accepting how little we know and that as our businesses progress,  our ability to adapt to the new knowledge we are gaining along the way, will be essential to success. Again only logical, but sometimes hard for those of us in middle age that have started to believe we knew it all, lol.




Philippines real estate investment fund

Investment Properties

Income Producing Properties in Dumaguete City

Any real estate bought at or below market values is usually a good investment, however if you can add income generating revenue to the equation the net result is usually well above average return on investment. With rental properties one of the key determining factor to these high ROI’s is vacancy rates. You just don’t have to have a business degree to understand the logic that the lower the vacancy rate, the higher the revenues and subsequently the higher the returns.

When looking for investment properties, it is important to research carefully the market in which you will be investing. In the case of Dumaguete City, its elevation to prominence on the world stage after being singled out by both Forbes Magazine and Yahoo as one of the top 5 places in the world to retire to, the effect has been dramatic. For years the rental market was stagnant, as the main population influx was seasonal and reflected in the vacancy rates. During the months of approximately December to April “snowbirds” flocked to the city for temporary stays in warmer climates and at that time it vacancy rates were in the low single digits. However for the remainder of the year it was a tenants market and the rental unit choices abundant. With landlords looking at vacancy rates in the 20-30% for six months of the year, there was little incentive for investors to build new units. With the explosion in popularity of Dumaguete City and surrounding Negros as a retirement destination, the fundamentals of a rental income generating property in the area have changed considerably. Currently, even though we are in what has usually been considerred the slow season, there is a vast shortage of rental units available. Though anything resembling accurate statistics in the Philippines is difficult to obtain, with my wife being in the real estate business, the anecdotel evidence is hard to ignore. On average she will receive upwards of 10-15 concrete inquiries per week and 95% of those she is not able to satisfy. Simply put, the availability of western standard rental units in an afforadable price range is virtually non-existent.

As it looks like there will be little slowdown in the exodus to Dumaguete City, the question now becomes, is it a good time and place to be in the rental unit business and the resounding answer is, not a doubt!

To those of you who would like to explore this investment option, we can suggest an immediate entry by purchasing an established income property such as those listed below. For others, a second option will be the purchase of a land and the development to custom specifications of a rental units. For those, please feel free to visit our Construction and Development website at NEGROS CONSTRUCTION.COM where we can help you from feasibility study, to design and construction and ultimately rental of your units to responsible tenants.

Existing Investment Properties for Sale

bacong income property

income property valencia apartment complex for sale

income property apartment building for sale near dumaguete city

To view one of these investment properties, please contact us at


running a small business in the philippines

Running a small Business in the Philippines

running a small business in the philippines

Service is the Key to Success

Many foreigners move to this country and for various reasons decide that running a small business in the Philippines is what they want or need to do. Just like any where in the world, but probably even more so here, small business success stories are few and far between. Even back in the western world, start-ups have an astronomical failure rate, and then you throw in the added complications in this third world country of such things as bizarre and excessive red tape, corruption, inexperience with your target market and cultural differences of local employees, and success in the small business world is a daunting task for even the smartest and most experienced entrepreneur.

So how do you beat the odds if you are firmly committed to the idea of running a small business in the Philippines?

My experience so far here is that the key to that is customer service. Anyone that has spent any time in the Philippines knows very well that the average Filipino just does not understand the concept of customer service. How often do you deal with a business establishment where the front line employees do not know anything about the product or service they are selling? If that were not bad enough, they also just don’t seem to care whether you are going to be a satisfied customer or not. Then there seems to be the deer in the headlight type reactions if your needs stray anywhere outside the narrow guidelines set out to them by their superiors. In very few instances do the front line staff have any authority to deal with anything and the prevailing attitude is that they better not take any initiative for fear of reprimand from their boss. In the end , most customers are left with such a bad experience that they will never return let alone refer future prospective customers. Unless of course there is nowhere else to go, which is usually the case since the most basic principle, known the world over, that a happy customer is good for business just seems unknown to business managers and owners here in the Philippines.

That reality though frustrating to us as consumers, is a huge opportunity for those of us that decide to be on the “other side of the cash register”

I will relate a personal experience that can be a classic example.

Here in Dumaguete City there is a long established real estate company who it appeared was basically the only “game in town” for years. When my wife decided that she wanted to become a broker I strongly suggested one of the first things to do was check out the competition to see if there was room for another player in the game. Upon investigation the common reaction when people were asked about their experiences in buying or selling properties was that yes, indeed this potential competitor had most of the market, but the common thread was that their service sucked in every way. Emails were rarely returned, and when they were, there was little attempt to fully understand the needs of the customer. More often than not, clients were told that the inquired about listing was no longer available and then the client was then pitched properties that had little in common to what the clients were actually looking for. Sometimes, if clients were looking for a house in the 4 mil range, they were then steered towards properties in the 10 million range.hmmm,, don’t you think if some one wanted or could afford a 10 million pesos property, that they would have made inquiries about ones in that scale? When appointments for viewing were arranged, often agents would show up late or not at all, leaving the potential clients standing around for extended periods of time making phone calls that were not answered. The final icing on the cake was usually that the agents were unwilling or incapable of communicating the intricacies of the transactions they were supposed to be guiding along. Lets face it, if some one is dropping millions of pesos on something, they have a right to understand what s going on and any questions they have answered to their satisfaction. More than one client of this company when interviewed by us, complained that if they asked questions , they were treated as “problem” customers.

Enter my wife. The first thing she did was spend close to a year studying tirelessly to learn the intricacies of the real estate industry (and getting her board certification) so that when people asked her questions she could answer them in a knowledgeable way.  She has also grasped the concept to not use the excuse “its the Filipno way” and do things in a way that customers really want. To be treated like it is fully understood that a customer that walks in the door is the person that keeps the business , “in business”. Without them , the bills do not get paid, the family does not get fed and there is no money for toys, fancy clothes or vacations. The customer is king ! Without him, the business is nothing!

She has found that it is not hard. It only means doing some little things like getting out of her chair when a customer enters, looking them in the eye and shaking their hand. Being attentive when they speak, answering their correspondence or phone calls and showing them the respect they deserve by being on time for appointments.

Today, only six months after being in business she is successful beyond her wildest dreams and the future is a rosy as it gets. The number of people who approach her through referrals from previous clients is staggering, and it is in large part  simply because she has learned to treat customers better than her more established competitor.

So to those business people who are willing to change the status-quo of  abysmal customer service in the Philippines, I believe there are opportunities beyond anything you will experience in the West. Here in the Philippines, it does not matter what business is chosen, if you can offer it with good customer service , you will always have  a competitive edge in your market because in most cases the competition just does not care  how the customer feels.

The sky can be the limit when the competition sucks!



bacong income property

Dumaguete and surrounding Negros is growing exponentially and there is no end in sight. With this demand there comes a huge appetite for western designed and standard rental units, which is not being met. The current market, which should continue for the forseable future is definitely tilted toward landlords and those that have good rental stock are looking at continuing occupancy rates of 100%. Though this should ease several years down the road as new stock comes online, someone who owns rental property right now will have a head start.


This Bacong Income Property consists of two 2-duplex structures on a 1294 sqm well landscaped lot complete with pool. Though the current owner charges only 20,000 per month in rental, he has boasted 95% occupancy rate from the time of finished construction and there would be space to raise those rates upwards to 25 thousand pesos per month per unit. Its building are very well designed and constructed and will require very little continued maintenance for the decade to come. At the asking price of just under 12.5 million pesos, your projected Return on Investment, including property appreciation, should be a good stable 10%.

bacong income property bacong income property bacong income property bacong income property bacong income property bacong income property



  • swimming pool
  • fully furnished
  • air conditioned
  • second floor terraces
  • full kitchen
  • price – 12,469,000 php

estimated rental income – 20,000 php/month per unit

To view this Bacong income property, please contact us at


For more information on Dumaguete and surrounding Negros , please visit our Dumaguete Info website


dumaguete dance club investment

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dumaguete dance club investment

Dumaguete Dance Bar Investment

Looking for Investors

A Dumaguete Dance bar investment that is run properly and caters to the growing affluent demographics of this booming city as well as to the heavy influx of the tourism trade, will be a winner. A common complaint that is voiced by both those groups is that there is far to little choice for a night out on the town dancing in a trendy environment to the latest tunes. With the rumored upcoming closure  of the one true dance club which has been the mainstay of the Dumaguete nightclub scene, this leaves the door wide open to possibilities. Well two well seasoned intelligent professionals have decided to fill that need and capitalize on  a pent up and still growing demand as Dumaguete expands exponentially.

A location has been chosen and secured and construction is slated to get underway within the next few weeks in time for CLUB REVIVE[/column_dd][/section_dd]

[rev_slider revive]


Additional Plans, projections and specifications available on request.


income property valencia apartment complex for sale


Valencia Apartment Complex for Sale

Cash in on the booming rental market of Dumaguete City and Negros


Dumaguete City is one of the fastest growing locales in all of the Philippines if not the whole of Asia. Bolstered by the recent attention caused by articles in both Forbes Magazine and Yahoo ranking  Dumaguete City as one of the top five best places to retire to in the world,  “The City of Gentle” people has become a much sought after destination. With that almost overnight popularity based on sound fundamentals to sustain the long term growth, the one problem that has loomed is where the influx will live. The typical demographics of the market are older financially stable males with a steady pension income and some savings to supplement their lifestyle. They do not necessarily have the cash to invest in a real estate property of their own, nor do they particularly want to. what they are looking for is a nice, clean, safe and easy to maintain small apartment or house within the ten thousand to twenty-five thousand pesos per month range. Problem is there are not enough of these units available to satisfy the demand and as the demand is sure to continue to increase, there is very little relief in sight .

At the asking price of 7.8 million pesos and a  yearly gross revenue of 900,000 pesos ( which will rise considerably over the coming years) this investment property will boast Returns on Investment in the mid teens when property appreciation is considered.


The beauty of this Valencia apartment complex for sale is that you will be stepping in with a proven money earner which has already been 100% fully occupied for the past 2 years and has uits that are attractive and priced rate for the market. this income property consists of seven single story cottage type rental units on a beautifully landscaped 1500 square meter lot, in the Dumaguete mountain suburb of Valencia. This municipality is extremely attractive to foreigners as it boasts a more laid back relaxed atmosphere where the higher elevation provides a cooler more temperate climate yet still being only a 20 minute drive to all the amenities of the larger urban center of Dumaguete City. 

3 4 5 (2) 6 DSCF2035 DSCF2037 DSCF2038 DSCF2039 DSCF2040 DSCF2041  DSCF2045 DSCF2049 DSCF2050  DSCF2053 DSCF2054 DSCF2057

 To view this Valencia apartment complex, please contact us at

 Valencia Apartment Complex for sale Details:

1 – three bedrooms and two full bathrooms (100 square meters);

3 – 2 bedrooms and a bathroom (80 square meters);
1 -1 bedroom and 1 bathroom (70 square meters);
2 – studio apartments (40 square meters).
land area – 1500 square meters
Price – 7,800,000. php
Closing costs to be split 50/50
Other investment properties you might want to take a look at


protecting your investment in real estate in the philippines

Helping put investors together with the proper investments

investments and business opportunities

We here at PhilX Support Services are on the hunt for investments and business opportunities to place investor funds in. We have a steady stream of serious investment clients who want to invest in the Philippines in different fashions and to satisfy their needs we need to find legitimate vehicles that will provide to them above average returns on investment.

They can be existing businesses that are profitable, or real estate holding that currently earn. If you do have such opportunities, please contact us at Please note that you must have a business plan, personal references and proper accounting practices in place, complete with financial statements. We  will be responsible for performing due diligence for our clients and WILL be thorough.


If you are an investor who is looking at investing in the Philippines, let us know and we will help get you started. We guarantee you will be served with transparency, trustworthiness, knowledge and experience.

If you are interested in a real estate investment in the Philippines, please browse our affiliate site for some of the options available PhilX Support Services Real Estate